Fighting for Fatherhood-Parenting 101

taught by Carlos Christian
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Carlos  Christian
Carlos Christian
The Fatherhood Expert

About the instructor

I am obsessed with your success as a father!

I am the founder and President of The Starts Within Organization. We are geared towards restoring the communities by restoring the family structure. I am also the father of 3 children and I have been able to be effective in each of their lives. I have taught over 3000 fathers parenting courses on how to establish a positive relationship with their children so that they can be the most influential in their children's lives. My ability to make the information plain increases the fathers confidence in being able to do the greatest responsibility that they have encountered as adults which is the responsibility of the development of an actual individual. I have been blessed with an understanding to be able to bring an understanding to others on how to establish a positive relationship with your children so your work with your children is not like fighting a battle that you are losing terribly.


You can email me at if you have any questions at all!!

Course Contents

8 Videos

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 "The Child PreNup"
Chapter 2 What type of Father am I?
Chapter 3 Goals: "The end Game"
Chapter 4 "Listen to Me"
Chapter 5 "The Iron fist versus the Silk Glove"
Chapter 6 The Harmonious Environment
Chapter 8 "Make you a Priority"